Sunday, 30 November, 2008

The decision to see this movie really took some time to make.  After being inundated with commercials and “Robert Pattinson” sitings on the news and the web, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted anything to do with the whole lot.  Really, the movie itself wasn’t the thing that didn’t appeal to me.  It was just reading/hearing about it, constantly.  At least where I frequent on the web, I was seeing it.

Another thing that got to me was that I hadn’t read the book.  I am the kind of person that will see a movie based on a book, but I want to have read it, first.  Knowing the characters, as only a book can help you do, is the way Iike to see a movie like this.  And I actually want to read “Twilight”.  It is one of those when-I-get-around-to-it kind of reads.

Well, my sister asked me if I wanted to go see it, today.  Being a Sunday, with very little (read: nothing) to do, I agreed.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to take it, honestly.  I mean Robert Pattinson is still ingrained in my mind as Cedric Diggory.  That shows my Harry Potter fandom, right there.  But, I guess if you strip his accent, and his Hogwart’s robes, Cedric Diggory can be someone that anyone wants him to be.  Even a vampire.

The movie was good.  There, I said what you wanted to hear.  What I thought of it.   It was fairly slow to start.  Or, at least I thought it was.  The actors were all fresh-faced youngesters (as Vampires don’t age, they are wont to be young-looking).  The acting was decent, though the lead actress, Kristen Stewart, seemed a bit.  I don’t know.  Vacant, I guess.  Maybe it’s her acting style?  She just seemed…not there.  Or like she didn’t want to be there.  Pattinson was alright.  It’s just strange to hear someone that you know has an accent, speak without it.

The story was well done, and new to me, since I didn’t read the book.  Bella (Stewart) falls in love with the vampire Edward (Pattinson).  It seems that Bella is an enigma to Edward, who can read people and other vampires, but, cannot read her.  It is a mutual infactuation, even after Bella finds out what Edward is.  Eventually Bella meets Edward’s family (a group of vampires who do not feast on humans) and trouble begins for her, after a group of vampires (regular human-draining ones), lead by a “tracker” named James, begin to hunt her.

The portrayal of vampires in this movie deviates from normal vampire lore.  These vampires have the ability to walk about in sunlight.  They don’t, though, because their skin sparkles like diamonds when exposed to the sun.  That would take some explaining, wouldn’t it?  The author of the books (Stephenie Meyer) claims that she did not read any vampire lore before writing.  So these attributes not found in non-Twlight vampires basically give the whole vampire lore a rewrite.  Or an addition.

All-in-all it was a decent experience at  the theater.  Though I have never gone to a movie that was so bad that I would get up and walk out.  Seeing “Twilight” makes me want to read the series by Meyer, if only to just pick up on what was surely missing in the movie.  The second book in the series, “New Moon”, had been optioned.  So I guess I will read the whole series before it is released.

An open post to the creator of this:

Sunday, 30 November, 2008


Dear Sir or Madam,

You have created the most awesome image on the entire internet. An octopus riding a robot? This is absolutely ingenious! It combines two things that are appealing to me: a live octopus (dead octopodes? NO THANKS!), and a robot. It’s as if you reached into my very imagination, and brought it to the fore for everyone to see. And this robot/octopus combination is the mayor of the imaginary town in my head.

If you are a man, I want to be your best friend. If you are a woman, I want to marry you. In all seriousness, though, this is a great image. It’s whimsical without being too light. I really do enjoy in immensely. I just hope to find out who you are, and if you have anything else like it.  If, by some small chance, you come by my little home on the web feel free to comment.

A blog, free from the confines of

Sunday, 30 November, 2008

I love to write.  As I posted in my WordPress profile, it is a passion I only seem to indulge infrequently.  A few, non-social website, blogs have started under my hand.  Those have all failed.  And rather miserably, I might add.  This one, this shiny new blog will not suffer the same fate.

The constraints of a social website blog section, which really seems like an afterthought if you ask me, have been broken.  I am moving up to the blogging big-leagues.  This is all new territory for me, but, I hope I can get this into up-and-runnin shape (moreso than this) soon enough.

I really hope to be able to share things that I love with people I don’t know.  I know there will be, at least, one follower from my former myspace blog ( who will happily come along to see what I have to say.  All I can say to him is: “Many thanks, Dan!”.

A blogroll/collection of sites that I frequent will be one of the first things I endeavor to create.  All these sites, which I tried to write about on my other blog, only to have it be lost in the festering bowels of cyberspace (great job there, Tom!), will be prevalent.  I hope that they will be some sites that I can get other people enamored with.  If they aren’t already.

So that is this blog, in a nutshell.  I hope to draw some people in.