A blog, free from the confines of myspace.com

I love to write.  As I posted in my WordPress profile, it is a passion I only seem to indulge infrequently.  A few, non-social website, blogs have started under my hand.  Those have all failed.  And rather miserably, I might add.  This one, this shiny new blog will not suffer the same fate.

The constraints of a social website blog section, which really seems like an afterthought if you ask me, have been broken.  I am moving up to the blogging big-leagues.  This is all new territory for me, but, I hope I can get this into up-and-runnin shape (moreso than this) soon enough.

I really hope to be able to share things that I love with people I don’t know.  I know there will be, at least, one follower from my former myspace blog (http://www.myspace.com/saddestwookiee) who will happily come along to see what I have to say.  All I can say to him is: “Many thanks, Dan!”.

A blogroll/collection of sites that I frequent will be one of the first things I endeavor to create.  All these sites, which I tried to write about on my other blog, only to have it be lost in the festering bowels of cyberspace (great job there, Tom!), will be prevalent.  I hope that they will be some sites that I can get other people enamored with.  If they aren’t already.

So that is this blog, in a nutshell.  I hope to draw some people in.


3 Responses to A blog, free from the confines of myspace.com

  1. This is very cool. Mayhaps, this will be your new literary domain!

  2. Hey, this is really cool site. Certainly, the restraints of a social blog are not present here. Hazzah!

  3. jwlashline says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before you commented! I hope this works out as well as I think it will!

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