An open post to the creator of this:


Dear Sir or Madam,

You have created the most awesome image on the entire internet. An octopus riding a robot? This is absolutely ingenious! It combines two things that are appealing to me: a live octopus (dead octopodes? NO THANKS!), and a robot. It’s as if you reached into my very imagination, and brought it to the fore for everyone to see. And this robot/octopus combination is the mayor of the imaginary town in my head.

If you are a man, I want to be your best friend. If you are a woman, I want to marry you. In all seriousness, though, this is a great image. It’s whimsical without being too light. I really do enjoy in immensely. I just hope to find out who you are, and if you have anything else like it.  If, by some small chance, you come by my little home on the web feel free to comment.


One Response to An open post to the creator of this:

  1. Strange octupi art themes are no basis for establishing any form of relationship. On the other hand, the kind of mind that is able to artfully thrash such surreal imagery upon a canvas must have very interesting things to say.

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