NES game quotes that everyone should know

I am a huge Nintendo fan.  When I talk about playing videogames, it’s usually a Nintendo product.  Granted I do have some games installed on the old PC.  And I do own an XBox.  No, not a 360, the original brick!  But Nintendo will always be near, and dear to my heart.

The Nitendo Entertainment System (heretofore referred to as NES, the acronym used by all the fans) had some of the most memorable, easily quotable quotes.  Some of them are due to shoddy translations, and others may be due to space limitations.  However, they are all great!

There is a list of 50 of the quotes that everyone should know.  If you don’t, get crackin’!  These are all great quotes pulled from classic games.  Also, if you don’t know them for sure, you may have heard them.  Ever find yourself wondering where some people pull these quotes they use in forums, etc.?  You may just run across one, or two!  You’ll be learning!

This link is via Kotaku.


3 Responses to NES game quotes that everyone should know

  1. Actually, I think the most popular quote from a video game that I can never seem to forget is the one from the arcade game, Zero Wing. It was a Japanese game that was so rushed it had a ridiculous translation into English. It was later ported to Sega (Japanese only) and PC where I first encountered it. The game may be too old for you youngsters to recall but most gamers will agree, “All your base are belong to us” was a highly quotable, albeit laughable, standard from the early days of gaming.

  2. jwlashline says:

    Of course I know that famous quote! I can probably recall everything that lead to it, even! That game had a slew of great quotes. “Someone set us up the bomb!” being the other, silliest phrase in there.

  3. ddemoura says:

    Yeah, that game originally came out in 1991, I believe. Oh, btw, I joined the wordpress community of bloggers. Yay.

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