Dear Hollywood…

Goku (bah!) and Bulma (WTF!?) in Dragonball Evolution

Goku (bah!) and Bulma (WTF!?) in "Dragonball Evolution"

(this post will contain some foul language.  I try not to work blue, but it must happen in this blog)

What the fuck is wrong with you, Hollywood!?  I mean, seriously.  You take a great story by a wonderful manga writer, and you do this to it!  I mean, sure, it was probably time to do a “Dragonball” movie, but, do write by the story.  It makes me sick just looking at Justin Chatwin’s soulless eyes.

“Dragonball Evolution”, the aforementioned movie, just turns my stomach.  Firstly, there’s Chatwin as Goku.  Not a good choice, in my opinion.  That, and he’s too old!  Goku is just a young kid in the series.  Goku is NOT a high school student.

Another bad thing about this movie (hell, if I was listing all that was bad, we’d be here forever) is the casting of Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi.  The only thing they got right with him, was the Hawaiian shirt.  Master Roshi is an emaciated-looking (it belies the power he has) old lecher!  C how Yun Fat is none of these things!

I will agree that Piccolo looks half-way decent.  And he is greener (now) than he was when they first showed pictures of him.  But, I will definitely not see this film, because it spoils Toriyama-san’s vision.  Plus, they axed my absolute favorite character, ever.  That would be Krillin.

I will spare you all a look at the trailer.  I think the poster image is enough to warn people away from my blog.  If you really want to see it, go to YouTube, I am sure it’s there.  But be warned, you can’t unsee what you have seen.


4 Responses to Dear Hollywood…

  1. ddemoura says:

    Oh, man. I should’ve listened to you. I should have not let curiousity get the best of me. Now my heart is sunk. I cannot umake that which has been cast like a handful of sand upon my open eyes. It burns, it stings, it bings me such pain that I cannot think. Oh, what soulless producer could have allowed such a curse upon us? I am going to carry the wickedness of this trailer into my finals. I am distraught with dissappointment.

  2. jwlashline says:

    *shakes head* The reason I watched it, was so that no one else had to. Dan, you are a brave albeit, foolish, man!

  3. ddemoura says:

    On the other hand, it did give me the opportunity to view the latest Star Trek trailer by JJ Abrams. THat was not quite as bad, I found it rather fun. However, the story line will piss off many trekkie fan boys…

  4. jwlashline says:

    I am not a “Star Trek” fan, and I don’t care who knows it. But, I think his movie looks very good. The only Abrahms work that I threw myself into has been “Fringe”. I just finished watching the episodes I missed, and I love them! I cannot wait until January!

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