A blog about old blogs

Still, my hand hovers over the “Add New” link in the dashboard.  For what I want to add is something that isn’t truly new.  I thought about this long and hard, and the decision always came out the same.  I had some- and I’d like to say this without sounding like I am tooting my own horn, here- good blogs over on the other space I used.

I don’t know if they are truly as good as I think they are, but, Dan likes them.  And he really is the audience I seem to be catering to.  I would like to give these blogs a new place, away from the horrors of the myspace.com “blog” section.  Especially this one, which was fairly recent.

After playing “Guitar Hero” last night, with my sister, it made me think of this blog.  And thinking of the blog made me want to post it.  Again.  In this shiny new space.  So I just might.  Maybe Saturday nights will be the time for oldies.  Oldies in blog form, of course.  And, maybe as I post it, it will take on a new life.

So you can think of it as a “special edition” blog.  With shiny new features, even!  The special effects won’t blow you away, but, they will be there.  That is, if I can think of anymore to add to it… or change in it.  Then again, new audiences won’t know what’s new unless they managed to read it before.  Ah well.  Here it goes.  The next post will be an old one.  I apologize to you, my loyal reader!


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