Dead Like Me: Life After Death

Life After Death DVD

Cover art from "Dead Like Me: Life After Death" DVD

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away.  My favorite reapers are back in the new DVD: “Dead Like Me: Life After Death”

Set two years after the end of the TV series, “Life After Death” brings back the “Dead Like Me” cast with a few changes.  First is the loss of Many Patinkin–due to Rube’s retirement from the reaping business.  In his stead is a new boss, Cameron Kane (played by Henry Ian Cusick). Daisy Adair, once played by Laura Harris, is now played by Sarah Wynter.  Harris had prior commitments with “Women’s Murder Club”.  Also missing in their iconic meeting place, Der Waffle Haus, which had burned down sometime between the end of the series, and the movie.

All in all, though, I am excited to see that this has been made.  I am itching to see what has become of my favorite group of reapers.  I think, even with the changes, it will be a good romp.  Plus there are other DVDs to follow, it is said.  (It also gives me hope that “Pushing Daisies” can get the same treatment.)  So, look for it on February 17th.  I know I will be!


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