Blogger’s block

I am seriously suffering from blogger’s block–that’s writer’s block, but for bloggers.  I have been known to succumb to it occasionally, and I find it awful.  There are things I want to say here.  When it comes to writing them down and making it into something cohesive, however, I end up with bupkis!

I have been trying to write a blog (which you will someday see, I promise) unsuccessfully for a few days now.  I will sit, and find my stride–typing like a fiend, getting those ideas into words–and something seems to interrupt me.  That’s happened each time I  set to writing.

Yes, I know that there is a “save draft” feature, and I use it.  When I come back to the saved draft, though, the blog seems to have lost it’s…magic, I guess is a good word.  It doesn’t flow as well as it did when I originally started writing.  There’s no way for me to say it otherwise.

I guess this blog, in some way, was a good exercise for me to get those creative ideas working, again.  Hopefully it will manage to kick my mind’s arse, and make it work too.  We’ll see how that turns out.


One Response to Blogger’s block

  1. ddemoura says:

    I was going to call you tomorrow. I thought your blogging had taken a long hiatus and was growing concerned. I’m having my own difficulties in writing. I have two essays to write for grad school admissions and have no inspirational thoughts to get me started; I can’t even start my outline.
    This world is too much with us, it holds down the essences of man and corrupts his imaginations until it becomes as bland as a desert landscape. Oh, how my muses mock me!
    Well, at least I can be dramatic…

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