LEGO Star Wars, the pieces!!

We had a birthday party for my young nephews, today.  Every time we asked them what it was they wanted (leading up to today, that is), the answer was always the same “Star Wars LEGOS”!  I am to blame for that one, though, as I played a lot of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga for the Wii.

The boys are 6 and 4 (the youngest turns 5, next week) so my sister thought it was probably a good time to start getting them LEGOs. My oldest nephew wanted an X-Wing Fighter , so she picked that one up for him, as well as the Rebel Scout Speeder and he was thrilled.

My youngest nephew had to have something ti R2-D2 in it. In fact, I had to make them an R2-D2 cake (it was hideous, I am not a baker). So she found Anakin’s Jedi Star Fighter. She also picked up the Imperial Dropship for him.

My mom bought them each a small set, as well. I know what a pain these–especially the bigger sets like the X-Wing can be! And one of the, thankfully smaller, sets that my youngest nephew got had no instructions. I feel bad for his dad, who is, right now, putting it together for him! Thankfully it wasn’t something huge like the LEGO Death Star


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