The Simpsons renewed through 2011

Yes, America’s favorite dysfunctional family has been renewed for two–count ’em, two!–more seasons. Fox has extended the contract. This means that they will be running through 2011.

That’s twenty-two full seasons, with a whopping total of 493 episodes! That would make it the longest running prime time series in American history. It would blow Gunsmoke out of the water!

I, personally, love The Simpsons, and think it’s very cool that they managed to stick around this long. I am going to worry, though, about the quality of the episodes, and the writing (which is stellar in earlier seasons).

I will pull for them to do the best as their reign runs on. If they manage to make the episodes watchable, even after twenty-two seasons, they might be able to run even longer. Good luck, Simpsons cast! And congratulations!


One Response to The Simpsons renewed through 2011

  1. ddemoura says:

    Even if they do start running low on ideas, they can always do parodies of themselves. The Simpsons have touched upon almost every facet of entertainment and American culture. They are an icon in a class all by themselves. Other cartoons drawn in the same vein such as Family Guy and South Park, although more edgy, owe the pioneering of their genre to the Simpsons. I still get excited on Sunday nights when a new Simpsons episode will premier! The only other shows I feel that way about is Heroes and Ghost Hunters!
    Have a safe trip to Florida, John!

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