Florida–a northerner’s view

A little blue heron

A little blue heron

I have been here in Port Richey, Florida for about four days now.  Yes, I know I left on the fifth, but, I never actually arrived in Port Richey until after 2 AM.  Let me say that the differences are…amazing.

Right now, in Plattsburgh, it’s still Winter.  It snowed yesterday, and I am sure it was cold.  Sure, it’s Winter here in Florida, too.  That word doesn’t have the same meaning, though.

Each day has been absolutely beautiful, weather-wise.  Even now it’s sunny outdoors and 73 degrees.  I have been told that they experienced a pretty cold number of days–somewhere in the high 30s–before I came.

It’s a bit of a shock.  When I left Plattsburgh it was 27 out, and cloudy.  When I landed, it was near 60 here, and–though it was nighttime–there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

The weather isn’t only the big change.  I mean, obviously the weather is bound to be different, being in the souther US.  The wildlife, though, is a change I have happily accepted.

I love birds, and may have mentioned so.  The wild birds here are quite the difference from the chickadees, and cardinals that I am used to seeing.  Yes, I have seen a couple cardinals, but the local birds are…well…bigger.

Just outside my Dad’s apartment is a sizable pond.  It attracts some of the most beautiful–and a couple of the most ugly–birds I have ever seen.  Since I have been here I have seen the following, and this is just in the pond.

This is very unlike anything I have seen at home, and with the local flora, has made this visit particularly rich.  It’s amazing to see animals like those, basically in one’s back yard!


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