Dreams…(part II)

I mentioned in the last dream-based blog, that the animated world–that of celluloid wonders and bright colors–has made many appearances in my dreams.  Sure, I have a ton of realistic dreams.  Even some of those more realistic dreams have someone, or thing, from the realm of the animated.  Sometimes it’s just a bit part, not a feature (like the dream of Cell that I mentioned before).

A recent dream was just like that.  It went from “real life”–I put that in quotes, because my dreams are seldom real life/day-to-day happenings–to animated then back to “real life”, again.  It started, oddly, with penguins.  Real penguins, though, not animated ones.  And that is another subject matter that has cropped up in my dreams.  I’ll get to that with the next blog.

I was at the ocean.  That’s pretty much the most real part of it.  I was standing in the bed of a pick-up truck, which was just a short way off shore.  I was watching these penguins swimming about and catching fish.  Occasionally, though, they would stop on the shore and look out to sea.  When I saw them stop, I would hop across some conveniently placed rocks.

I would cross back to the truck bed when the penguins would swim.  On one trip back, I lost my footing and fell into the water.  I knew, somehow, that a shark was just waiting for me to fall in–and what I juicy morsel I’d make!  After I fell in, I was floating in the ocean, but it had been moved.  I was now inside, but, still in the ocean.  You know dream logic, you can be in two places at once.

I was treading water in the middle of a large living room.  This time, though, everything was animated.  As I kicked my legs to head for whatever I could grab on to–in this case, it was a couch that was against one of the walls–the shark was coming fast.  I managed to climb aboard the couch in time, and watched as someone came to my rescue.  He was a man in that was dressed like…well…the Ghostbusters, more or less.

He had some kind of gun, I guess it was an uzi.  He began shooting the shark in the head.  This was all animated, mind you.  Even the shark.  In it’s death throes, the shark began to thrash and destroy the entire room we were in.  The room, at some point in the dream, had reverted to “real life”.  And it was my living room.  That bit of absurdity woke me up, and I don’t really know how the dream ended.  If it did, even.

As I mentioned early on, there will be more blogs about dreams.  I will touch on a very recnet dream, and one…well…let’s just say I got physically involved in.  No, not that kind of involvment, perv!  You’ll just have to wait for more!


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