Oh, Pepsi Co., how you make me sad…

Is there anything that is a short-lived as a new soda flavor?  I don’t think so.  Every so often there is one flavor that is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it.  Both big name bottlers do it.  And though it might not be as fast as all that, it sure as Hell feel’s like it’s gone in a wink.

I drank so much Coke with Lime when it released.  I loved that soda more than any out there.  And I am not one to drink a lot of soda.  I really drink mostly water.  Though my blood sugar thanked the powers that be when it disappeared, I was devastated.  Why do companies do that?!

My current soda flavor of choice is the newest Pepsi offering.  A twist on Sierra Mist, their Ruby Splash is delicious!  And refreshing, I might even say.  I don’t like grapefruit flavor all that much–aside from this soda, which has a little, and grapefruit flavored Halls Vitamin C lozenges–but it really shines in this soda.

I was tempted to try it when I first heard it was being released, but, I never really saw that much of it before.  Today, though, when I was out shopping with my Sister, there it was!  I had to jump on it.  The smell was great.  Just like the aforementioned lozenges.  It smelled deliciously citrusy

It tastes just like it smells.  I also think it would be good mixed with some kind of liquor.  Oooohhhh…  As I tasted it, I was happy and sad, though.  Pepsi, I knew, would just dangle this in front of us.  Let it get it’s hooks in our tastebuds…then…RIP! It’d be gone leaving an empty spot in our souls.

Unless it sells well enough, and they keep it around for awhile.  It’s tons better than that horrendous mandarin orange flavored tie-in with the Get Smart movie.  That was sweet and nasty.  This is bitter, but, nicely so.  Something that tastes like it should be bitter.  Just a little…


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