I love robots…

I know I mentioned this before.  Rather, I may have.  And if I didn’t, I am saying it now: I LOVE ROBOTS!!  Not in the weird robo-sexual way.  We’ll leave that to Matt Groening and Futurama.  There is just some draw that the mechanical beings have.

When I say robots, though, I should be clear.  Not so much the evil robots that sometimes show up in movies.  And not real robots.  Outside of Asimo, of course.  He’s cool.  Other ones–the more humanoid robots built by the Japanese–give me the willies.  Maybe because some of them have human faces.

Cartoon or animated-looking robots make me happy.  Whenever I see one, I don’t know…I just smile.  Especially when hearts are involved.  Not human hearts, but, graphical representations of love.  Seeing something…cold…and barely human…interacting with something so innocent is really endearing.

For the past couple days, I have had robots on the brain.  I have been doodling them left and right.  I have even created a city I call Robot City.  It exists, really, in my imagination.  And a couple graphical representations.  But, from afar.  My robots–the ones I draw–always seem to be outside city limits.  Usually enjoying nature.  Not unlike this one that I created earlier:

A robot watches the comet soar above Robot City.

A robot watches the comet soar above Robot City. The robot is inspired by GIR from Invader Zim.

Try looking at a robot like that one, and not smile.  If you do, then you don’t have a sense of whimsy…or a soul…


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