Dreams…(part III)

So I did promise more dream-related blogging. If I am not mistaken, I said that this one would tell of a dream I became…well…an active participant in. And, as I may have said before, there is nothing sexual here. So, if any perverts wish to read that kind of thing, you are looking at the wrong blog.

This dream does involve, oddly enough, some penguins. They also played a part in the last dream that I blogged about. This dream is more realistic, however. Nothing animated here, just me and some penguins. And it’s pretty bleak.

At least, I say it is bleak. I don’t remember a lot of the details. Writing about this might take a stretch of the imagination, only because all I remember are the intense feelings. Details will be a little short in this case. But, it’s the participation that is the focus.

I was walking along in this barren landscape. You know the kinds of places penguins live? Snow and ice, pretty rocky. There may have been some snow flying through the air. too. Not a blizzard. More like mood weather. Sparse but there.

I am not quite sure if I was in the colony of penguins, or just studying them. I do know, however, that I was carrying a bundle rolled up on my back. It was like a tarp, and it was wrapped tightly around, what the dream me knew was, a penguin corpse.

Something in the dream disturbed me, though, and I threw the bundle to the ground, and knelt beside it. I began to tear it open, trying to find the source of whatever was bothering me. I frantically opened the layers as if I only had a short time.

And that’s when I woke up! I was kneeling on my bed, my comforter rolled up and positioned in the very way the bundle lay on the ground in my dream. I was fiercely tearing at it, trying to unroll it, just as the dream-me was doing.

I felt very foolish, and quite happy that no one was able to see me at the time. The foolish feeling came from the fact that a dream had never been so intense before. Not enough to motivate me to act it out. I just wish I could remember what really happened, and why I needed to get into that bundle so badly.

Originally, I had planned on only these three parts of the blog. However, a dream I had just the other day gave me something else to write about. It’ll, most likely, be pretty short. But, it deals with semi-prophetic dreams! Stay tuned!


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