Dreams…(Part IV)

I meant to write this one a bit sooner. It’s a rare occurrence for me, but, sometimes I have semi-prophetic dreams. I am not saying that I can predict lottery numbers, or have foreseen the death of someone famous, but I have had dreams that have…well, sort of, come true. I’ll explain.

Usually the following day, the context of the dream will make some sense. My most recent involved my father and his crazy ex-girlfriend. No, I haven’t mentioned her on the blog before, because she is a whole lot of drama in a small package. I don’t like to burden people with any of that.

I dreamt, a couple weeks ago, that my father had come back to town. Not an odd thing, but he was planning to do so–which I had found within a few days after. Well, in my dream, when he came back into town, he came to meet up with his ex.

While it’s true that they are very on-again/off-again, Dad lives in Florida now so it’s more along the lines of off-again. When I woke up the following morning, there was an e-mail in my in box from Dad. He said that he was in contact with his ex (he called her…nightmare come true!!), and her brother wanted to buy his boat (which my sister and I have, currently).

That kind of seemed prophetic to me. It’s happened, too, with friends of mine. A while back, my friend Jordan moved to Connecticut. One day, I dreamt that he came back to Plattsburgh, and we were hanging out. The following day, I was in the store where we both worked, and a friend of ours said he was in town for a couple days.

I don’t want to go around saying that I am psychic, but, these couple instances do tell of something. I am not saying it’s just me, but, I think the human brain is capable of picking up on…something…from others. And that might manifest as an ability in some. For me, it seems to be in my dreams


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