Back in business–more or less

I finally got my new monitor, yesterday. All is, sort of, well in my world now. I say "sort of", because of some foolishness on my own part.

When I ordered my new monitor, I neglected to notice/remember one thing about the old one. I had built-in speakers! This one has no speakers, whatsoever.

I guess I just took the sound for granted. Meanwhile, though, I have an interim solution involving my speakers that go to my mp3 player. My sister’s friend is going to give me her old set, when she finds them.

It’s good to be using my own computer again, though. Being on the downstairs PC, I felt like everyone was reading over my shoulder. Now, I can do all my typing in the privacy of my own room!

Now, I have tried to post this a number of different times to no avail. I don’t know if it’s just a problem WordPress is having, right now, or not. So I am trying it this last time, using the post from e-mail feature through the My Blogs menu. *crosses fingers*


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