Brain Chef

While I was doing my morning perusing of certain websites, I came across this awesome game!  BoingBoing had a small article about Brain Chef, which is a browser game.  You choose a side–either a human, or a zombie.  You are given a number of turns to “wander the streets”.

Each time you click “move here”, it constitutes as a turn.  When you encounter an enemy, be it a zombie or game show host, you enter a clicking turn-based battle.  You do battle until you, or your enemy drops.  You can collect items, gold and experience from any enemy you fell this way.

Eventually, you enter an arena where you can enter these turn-based with actual online characters.  It takes four turns to begin a battle with an actual person, and you can only attack enemies from the other camp.  No human-on-human, or zombie-on-zombie battles here.

It’s highly addictive fun, but, I do see a downside.  You only gain 3 turns every half-hour.  I want to keep going!!  Granted, when you confirm your e-mail address, you get 50 turns, but, I breezed through those–and made 2 more kills (what happens when you battle an actual person), bringing my total to four.

I had a small widget that links to the site, but, for some reason I cannot get it to post.  So if this interests you, head on over to Brain Chef, and give it a go!!


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