For the sake of it…

It has been some times since I just sat down to write.  That was made painfully obvious as I wrote to an old friend who I hadn’t seen since middle school.  She informed me that that was 17 years ago!  SEVENTEEN?!  That is enough to make someone feel pretty old, and I do right now.

I managed to encapsulate seventeen long years of my life into one or two paragraphs.  I suppose that’s easy enough to do when the person doesn’t really know all that much about your extended family.  And it doesn’t hurt if you really haven’t done all that much with you life, either.

I know that I haven’t done a lot with myself, and it really pains me to think about it.  There are many things I should have done.  I know I still have time to do them, but, I don’t know if it will be the same as it would have been when I was younger.

Like everyone I have aspiriations, but, I wonder if it will do any good to have them.  I try not to make them too lofty, but, that just happens when you hope, I guess.  Look at these few words I just typed, I realize that I do need to get out there.  Be more adventurous, or something.

I need to experience things, instead of just going on about not having experienced anything in my life.  Will I come back to this blog a new man, the next time I write.  It’s doubtful that it’s something that will change over the course of a couple days (shit, weeks…that seems to be how often I update).  We’ll all just have to wait and see.

Man, this was some good, cathartic writing!  Thanks for being there, WordPress!


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