Welcoming an old friend to WordPress

Monday, 31 August, 2009

I wrote a little bit about reconnecting with an old friend a few posts back. Ahhh, the power of FaceBook. Well, said old friend has now started her very own blog!

I’d like to welcome Charolotte aboard, and hope she enjoys her own little corner of the web that she has created. I plan to read what she has to say, and will do so!

Check out her blog at: http://charolotte.wordpress.com/

Mourning in the digital age–A Farker’s Farewell

Friday, 21 August, 2009

Today I got some sad news.  A friend of mine who I met through Fark.com, as a TotalFarker, passed away yesterday in an automobile accident.  Obviously someone should mourn the passing of someone they knew and liked.  And I am doing so.

My issue with the whole thing is, how do you mourn someone you really didn’t know/never met physically?  I don’t want to do something…inadequate.  To me, writing this is helping me, by making me think of some of the many hilarious conversations we’ve had.

It also makes me feel a bit selfish, though.

I guess I will just say my piece about Thai, and leave it at that.

Thai Williams, known to me and others as his TotalFark handle Arelas, was someone that I talked with on a daily basis for an entire year’s time.  Now that I think back on it, he helped me feel comfortable at a job I didn’t really enjoy.

He didn’t do anything in particular, but, he was just there to talk to.  And that did help me trudge through.  I remember passing a day making a banner for a fictional Presidential Election in which Thai was named President.


It reads: “Vote Arelas for President in 2008.  The candidate with a vision (and the meds to clear it, eventually!).  I was known as Thai’s vice-president in those days.  It’s a position I will always cherish, since he kindly bestowed it upon me.

Though I wasn’t around in TotalFark for a long while, I still thought of Thai (and all the rest of my friends).  I am saddened, though, that I fell out of contact with him.  I wish his family and friends all the best.

I will miss you, my friend, and I will think of you when I see an alpaca!  Good-bye!