Another food blog…SALSA!

I am a HUGE fan of fresh fruits and vegetables, and making them into things. I make bruschetta (which I did write a recipe for) and I also make salsa and guacamole. My salsa recipe is something that I have recently begun making, so it’s really in a state of flux, I guess.

I recently had the chance to make some, again. My mother had a cookout at her house for Labor Day–which we celebrated on Sunday, since Mom had to work–and my sister volunteered me to make some salsa. I obliged happily, and made a rather BIG bowl of it (since Mom wants some to keep, all the time!).

This recipe is something that I played with, at my dad’s house when I visited him in late spring. He had some fresh-off-the-tree limes, and I wanted to do something. I bought some standard ingredients, and my brother mentioned tomatillos. They weren’t something I’d ever considered, so I decided to try it out.

Here’s the recipe. The amounts are from the most recent batch I made, which was huge. You might want to try smaller amounts in yours. You can vary the amounts of different ingredients, according to your tastes.

1 large red onion
5 mid-sized on the vine tomatoes
5 mid-sized tomatillos (they are rather small, to begin with)
1 head of garlic
1 bunch of cilantro
1 1/2 jalapeno peppers (mid-to-large sized)
2 limes
salt and pepper

-I chop everything by hand, since I like my salsa chunky. It breaks most chips! I chop everything–usually starting with the worst, the onion. I do the tomatoes last, as they are the messiest. Then I salt them, while they are on the top, to help them further release the juices. Afterward, I juice the limes into the bowl, and mix. It tastes much better if it has some time to sit, and stew.

This salsa has been a hit at gatherings. I don’t make it as much as I’d like. The high garlic and onion content can be rough on the breath, too.


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