SCHOOL! A mid-semester-ish blog.

Friday, 12 February, 2010

I have been neglecting everything lately, and I apologize.  This blog will fill you in on the reason for this neglecting that has been happening.  It’s a good thing, actually, and I am fairly excited to talk about it.

I’s three weeks (more or less) into my first semester at college.  I don’t actually count that first week, because school started on a Thursday (January 21st) and I only had two classes tha day.  I had nothing until the following Monday, so I consider that week a full week.  I use full rather objectively, but you understand.

The online class I am taking is an English 101 hybrid course–we meet on campus once a month for timed-writing exercises–is going rather swimmingly.  The assignments are fun and, so far, fairly easy to do.  As you all may know, I do enjoy writing, so I am biased towards this class, if just a little.  The professor is a very funny guy, and though I only got to meet him one time (at least for now) I really like him.

Algebra (and this one isn’t even college level…ugh!) is going alright.  I am terrible at Math, but the instructor’s style really helps!  The homework is fairly easy, but when it comes to test-taking, I am not so good.  The instructor even pulls questions DIRECTLY off the homework we did, but when quizzes roll around (every Tuesday), I seem to have forgotten the questions and how to do them correctly.

I am also taking an Art class.  It is an introduction to the Arts, which actually taked you through all the humanities, not jus painting and sculpture.  We also look at literature, film, dance, etc.  The course teaches you about looking at art with a critical eye, and to let go of your Dionysian response (that’s the emotional one), and use your Appolonian response (that’s the more structured one).  Reading about this in the text, though, is dry and rather boring.  Listening to a lecture is so much better!

There are a few credits that must be alotted to the Sciences.  I chose Biology.  I am not going to like, this one is TOUGH!  It’s extremely homework-intensive (especially when compared to my other courses).  The lectures, and I am really just talking about the two most recent, were monstrous!  We were taught (I hesitate to saywe learned, because I am not sure how much I’ve retained just yet) an entire semester of Chemistry in one two hour forty-five minute setting.  I seriously had a headache, and thought my brain was about to explode.  The following week, the professor boiled down two semesters–this time Organic- and BioChemistry–into just over two hours.  Other than those hideous lectures, and the homework!!!, I enjoy the class.  The actual lab work is fun AND interesting.

All-in-all, I really am enjoying being a student again.  It’s been so many years (11, this year!!) since I was a student last, that it’s all so new to me.  And kind of fun!  I am doing things a bit differently since high school, too!  I  have joined a club, which I really didn’t do much of in school before.  I joined the International Club, and look forward to our first meeting on Monday.  It might even be something I will write about.