The return of decent weather…for a bit, anyway!

Friday, 2 April, 2010

I have been in hog heaven these past two days.  It’s been absolutely gorgeous outside, and I have been taking advantage of it.  For two days I have had my bicycle out, and even riding it!

It has been, probably, more than two years since I have actually ridden my bike.  It has been in my mother’s garage for most of that time.  It’s great to have it out, and have it working!  I had to buy some new parts, like a new shifting cable, and some grips (because the old ones had to be cut off).  Now it’s up to snuff again!  I have forgotten how much I enjoy riding!

Today I may have overdone it a little, though.  The temperature was fairly warm (some weather forecasters say it got to 77 degrees!), but there was a cool wind blowing.  Well, stupid guy that I am, I never put on any sunblock.  I am reeling from the effects of the sun, for sure.  I guess there is nothing like the first sunburn of the nice weather season!

That and I am so out-of-shape.  My legs are killing me, right now.  Walking up the stairs is a chore, my knees protest the entire way up.  Tomorrow morning they should be shipshape again, though.  At least I hope so, anyway.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be even nicer than today, or so I hear.  A high in the 80s is nice, in theory.  I say “in theory” because if there is no wind to cool us down, it might be hot.  And I am not one for the heat.  We’ll see…