Dreams…(Part IV)

Monday, 25 May, 2009

I meant to write this one a bit sooner. It’s a rare occurrence for me, but, sometimes I have semi-prophetic dreams. I am not saying that I can predict lottery numbers, or have foreseen the death of someone famous, but I have had dreams that have…well, sort of, come true. I’ll explain.

Usually the following day, the context of the dream will make some sense. My most recent involved my father and his crazy ex-girlfriend. No, I haven’t mentioned her on the blog before, because she is a whole lot of drama in a small package. I don’t like to burden people with any of that.

I dreamt, a couple weeks ago, that my father had come back to town. Not an odd thing, but he was planning to do so–which I had found within a few days after. Well, in my dream, when he came back into town, he came to meet up with his ex.

While it’s true that they are very on-again/off-again, Dad lives in Florida now so it’s more along the lines of off-again. When I woke up the following morning, there was an e-mail in my in box from Dad. He said that he was in contact with his ex (he called her…nightmare come true!!), and her brother wanted to buy his boat (which my sister and I have, currently).

That kind of seemed prophetic to me. It’s happened, too, with friends of mine. A while back, my friend Jordan moved to Connecticut. One day, I dreamt that he came back to Plattsburgh, and we were hanging out. The following day, I was in the store where we both worked, and a friend of ours said he was in town for a couple days.

I don’t want to go around saying that I am psychic, but, these couple instances do tell of something. I am not saying it’s just me, but, I think the human brain is capable of picking up on…something…from others. And that might manifest as an ability in some. For me, it seems to be in my dreams

Dreams…(part III)

Saturday, 2 May, 2009

So I did promise more dream-related blogging. If I am not mistaken, I said that this one would tell of a dream I became…well…an active participant in. And, as I may have said before, there is nothing sexual here. So, if any perverts wish to read that kind of thing, you are looking at the wrong blog.

This dream does involve, oddly enough, some penguins. They also played a part in the last dream that I blogged about. This dream is more realistic, however. Nothing animated here, just me and some penguins. And it’s pretty bleak.

At least, I say it is bleak. I don’t remember a lot of the details. Writing about this might take a stretch of the imagination, only because all I remember are the intense feelings. Details will be a little short in this case. But, it’s the participation that is the focus.

I was walking along in this barren landscape. You know the kinds of places penguins live? Snow and ice, pretty rocky. There may have been some snow flying through the air. too. Not a blizzard. More like mood weather. Sparse but there.

I am not quite sure if I was in the colony of penguins, or just studying them. I do know, however, that I was carrying a bundle rolled up on my back. It was like a tarp, and it was wrapped tightly around, what the dream me knew was, a penguin corpse.

Something in the dream disturbed me, though, and I threw the bundle to the ground, and knelt beside it. I began to tear it open, trying to find the source of whatever was bothering me. I frantically opened the layers as if I only had a short time.

And that’s when I woke up! I was kneeling on my bed, my comforter rolled up and positioned in the very way the bundle lay on the ground in my dream. I was fiercely tearing at it, trying to unroll it, just as the dream-me was doing.

I felt very foolish, and quite happy that no one was able to see me at the time. The foolish feeling came from the fact that a dream had never been so intense before. Not enough to motivate me to act it out. I just wish I could remember what really happened, and why I needed to get into that bundle so badly.

Originally, I had planned on only these three parts of the blog. However, a dream I had just the other day gave me something else to write about. It’ll, most likely, be pretty short. But, it deals with semi-prophetic dreams! Stay tuned!

Dreams…(part II)

Saturday, 11 April, 2009

I mentioned in the last dream-based blog, that the animated world–that of celluloid wonders and bright colors–has made many appearances in my dreams.  Sure, I have a ton of realistic dreams.  Even some of those more realistic dreams have someone, or thing, from the realm of the animated.  Sometimes it’s just a bit part, not a feature (like the dream of Cell that I mentioned before).

A recent dream was just like that.  It went from “real life”–I put that in quotes, because my dreams are seldom real life/day-to-day happenings–to animated then back to “real life”, again.  It started, oddly, with penguins.  Real penguins, though, not animated ones.  And that is another subject matter that has cropped up in my dreams.  I’ll get to that with the next blog.

I was at the ocean.  That’s pretty much the most real part of it.  I was standing in the bed of a pick-up truck, which was just a short way off shore.  I was watching these penguins swimming about and catching fish.  Occasionally, though, they would stop on the shore and look out to sea.  When I saw them stop, I would hop across some conveniently placed rocks.

I would cross back to the truck bed when the penguins would swim.  On one trip back, I lost my footing and fell into the water.  I knew, somehow, that a shark was just waiting for me to fall in–and what I juicy morsel I’d make!  After I fell in, I was floating in the ocean, but it had been moved.  I was now inside, but, still in the ocean.  You know dream logic, you can be in two places at once.

I was treading water in the middle of a large living room.  This time, though, everything was animated.  As I kicked my legs to head for whatever I could grab on to–in this case, it was a couch that was against one of the walls–the shark was coming fast.  I managed to climb aboard the couch in time, and watched as someone came to my rescue.  He was a man in that was dressed like…well…the Ghostbusters, more or less.

He had some kind of gun, I guess it was an uzi.  He began shooting the shark in the head.  This was all animated, mind you.  Even the shark.  In it’s death throes, the shark began to thrash and destroy the entire room we were in.  The room, at some point in the dream, had reverted to “real life”.  And it was my living room.  That bit of absurdity woke me up, and I don’t really know how the dream ended.  If it did, even.

As I mentioned early on, there will be more blogs about dreams.  I will touch on a very recnet dream, and one…well…let’s just say I got physically involved in.  No, not that kind of involvment, perv!  You’ll just have to wait for more!

Dreams…(part I)

Friday, 3 April, 2009

I am someone who has a fairly active imagination.  I mean, what creative person doesn’t?  To be able to see things about something that someone else doesn’t see, or to concoct a story about people who don’t exist–at least physically–is something that is second nature to me.  And I like it.

I should followed that up with “to a point”.  It bothers me when that imagination spills over into dreams and nightmares.  My imagination always seems much more vivid when I am in the dream state.  And when I say vivid, I mean the most realistic thing you have ever dreamt.  Even if the subject matter is…say…not at all realistic.

An example of this realism is quite easy to bring to mind.  Though I haven’t had this dream again, it’s very easy for me to recall it.  I will preface it with this: as an animé fan, I loved Dragon Ball Z.  Yes, it was a bit much, but the characters were easy to know and love.

I have always enjoyed the villains that dogged the cast of Z Fighters.  With one exception: Cell.  He seemed like the most dangerous foe–though all the villains that head the different story arcs seem like that.  Well, Cell’s villainy planted it’s seed in my imagination.

My brain, as crazy as it is, regurgitated these images of the unstoppable Cell into a pretty terrible dream.  I was on campus walking by the dining area when I looked up out of a higher window.  I saw a HUGE blue ki blast making it’s way toward the building I was in.

People around me ran and screamed, terrified of the terrible things that were about to befall them.  The blast struck, and shattered the wall leaving it open to the outside world.  Debris fell all around, gouging holes in the floors, and the air was thick with the chalky dust of destroyed stonework.

I ducked behind a staircase, afraid of what was happening.  When I looked out the gaping hole, there was Cell–in his perfect form, no less!  He was hovering there with his arms crossed.   Leering into the building with a smirk, watching everyone scramble.

Now, the character of Cell was not physical like everything else in my dream.  He was still his…well…celluoid self.  Just as if I was looking at him on the television screen.  Albeit the danger he embodied was no less real.  Not long after that, though, I woke up.  I don’t know if I startled myself awake, or what.

Maybe, if I had slept just a bit longer, I would have sprung into action and battled him on the spot.  I’d like to think that my imagination would give me the abilities to beat the android terror but, somehow, I don’t think it would.   I’d probably just fail and be blasted into a million pieces.

This is not that first time that an animated danger had shown itself in my dreams.  That’s why this blog is…TO BE CONTINUED!