Tuesday, 17 August, 2010

I promised I wouldn’t neglect this blog, though I have been.  I only really write this for myself, but it feels like I should be doing more with it.

Writing for another blog, which I do, is really a blast.  It gives me a reason to read (aside from personal pleasure, of course), and I just enjoy recommending good books to people.

This summer has really flown by, I must say.  Here it is, the 17th of August.  Two weeks until the beginning of September.

I have quite a lot to keep me occupied this fall, what with my return to classes.  Even these last couple weeks of August will be busy.

My brother, Jeff, is arriving from Florida on Friday.  I miss him terribly, as I haven’t seen him for an entire year.  We are have a family reunion on Sunday, so he is flying up especially for it.

Not long after he leaves, the college semester will begin!  I bought my books today (EXPENSIVE!!), so I am slowly getting ready for the arrival of the 30th!  Then I will be back into the swing of things, learning like it’s going out of style.

On that odd note, I guess it’s time to call it a night!


Long-time wind down

Wednesday, 23 December, 2009

I may have (foolishly) said that I was going to write a blog about my NaNoWriMo experience last month.  I still might, but I can assure you that this post is not the post you are looking for.  Well, if there truly is anyone looking for such a post, that is.

This is actually a post about why there hasn’t been such a post.  I think.  It may just be a post to ease myself back into some longer-form–and I mean longer form as something not longer than a short email or Tweet–writing.  It really has been since that fateful day: November 29th, that I have written anything with substance.

I still cannot bring myself to open the NaNoWriMo file.  That story of mine, that is just over 50,000 words.  I have the post-NaNo blues, and I have it bad.  To the point where, I think, these couple hundred words are the most that I have written.  Anything I have written since has been counted by total characters.

It surprises me to be able to set to this task without my hands/brain rebelling.  I guess I am making some headway.  Though I doubt this headway will amount to much.  I still don’t think that I can open that file and read what I have written it.

Sure it all seemed like a good idea while I was doing it.  Now it feels like a digital abomination from the bowels of my mind.  Mind bowels?  Not a pleasant thought, and I am sorry I thought of it.

Give me some time, and I may warm to the idea of actually reliving NaNoWriMo.  Not a day-to-day account, mind you.  I don’t think I could actually remember in such detail.  I obliterated some brain cells last Saturday as I turned 29.  Ah, well!

NaNoWriMo, past and future attempts

Tuesday, 27 October, 2009

I have NaNoWriMo on the brain.  I guess I am just psyching myself up for the upcoming start date.  I am thrilled to be doing this again, as it helps me get a story out that had seeded itself in my mind.  And it’s a great exercise, as well!!

I thought I would like to write a bit about my past, and possible future attempts at Nation Novel Writing Month.  So, here it is, for any and all to see.  A bit of my ups, and downs while writing 50,000 words.  The amount, more or less, in a short novel.

The first year I attempted, which was the only year I completed it, was 2007.  The whole year, and a bit of the year before, I had this odd story in my head.  It all started around Christmas 2006, as I can trace it back.

That year, I was pretty sick around Christmas time.  Christmas Eve, my sleep was plagued, a bit, by what I like to think of as fever dreams.  My dreams, then, were odd, and fairly vivid.

These dreams involved a young Japanese girl, who became my heroine named Mizuki, and warring factions of Japanese Yokai (a supernatural being).  The two factions were the Tengu and the Kappa.

My dream showed the young girl falling under attack by fearsome Kappa, only to have the Tengu come to her rescue.  The dream was basic, but, it laid the ground for a larger story.

Everyday for thirty days, I wrote of Mizuki and her friends and family.  Relationships became entwined, and grew apart.  Villains and heroes formed, and the story, for the most part, went in it’s own direction.  Things really did happen to these characters, that weren’t originally in my plans!

It was actually pretty magical, for the story to take shape on it’s own.  To me, NaNoWriMo was a novel idea (no pun intended).  It allowed a procrastinating amateur writer to actually get something done.  I was thrilled beyond belief when, on November 30th, I had written a bit over the 50,000 word goal!

2008 rolled around, and no story really seemed to plant it’s seed in my subconcious.  I knew I had many months to prepare, so I thought long and hard, but nothing really came up.

Sometime that Summer, though, I found myself (repeatedly) listening to Help! by The Beatles.  It was a favorite CD of mine to listen to while I did the dishes.  I noticed that the songs on the album, if rearranged a bit, created a story.

So, I had my idea.  The story didn’t have a real basis.  Not like the previous one did.  I had an outline which was made of the tracks of the album rearranged to make a story.

When the time came to start writing, he story flowed pretty well.  It was a love story (as some of the songs on Help! lent themselves well to that type), and the characters began to take on lives of their own.

However, as the month trudged on, it became harder and harder for me to form a good story.  I reached a dead-end.  It wasn’t writers block so much, as it was me losing interest in my own creation.

This year, my inspiration came from MANY odd encounters on the chat site Omegle.  I actually started writing the story not long after those encounters, but soon forgot about it.  I believe that was procrastination or the fact that I knew NaNoWriMo was not long in coming.

Well, when my computer died, and I lost all the files on it, I took it as a sign that I wasn’t meant to write that story until November brought NaNoWriMo to me.  A sad part of that whole affair is, though, that I lost the copies of my other attempts.

I always meant to revisit both of those stories, at some point, and do a lot of work on them.  However, that is no longer possible, so I am going to have to put my all into writing this new one.  Wish me luck!

Up-to-date blog. (Ranting ahead!)

Tuesday, 27 October, 2009

Well, it has certainly been a long time since I blogged last.  It’s terrible that I haven’t kept up with this, and it makes me sad.  However, a lot has happened to keep me away from this blog, and none of it is good.  Well, maybe some of it might be, I don’t remember.

First things first, I am without a computer.  Well, not totally without, as the one downstairs–my sister’s–works just fine.  My own computer, a machine that has served me rather faithfully for nearly six years, died unexpectedly at the beginning of the month.

It’s been rough, especially since I had someone buy, and am still paying for, a new monitor.  But, that’s how it goes, I guess.  I should have seen it coming as I noticed, about a month before it died, that the CD ROM drive didn’t function any more.  It must have been a sign of what was to come.

Before it died, though, I did something very important!  I applied for classes at the local community college.  I wanted to do something to better myself, and thought Damn it!  Why not? All the financial aid paperwork has been filled out, and come back (with good award grants, I might add).  Now it’s just a matter of waiting for an official acceptance from the school.

I am still unemployed, though, and am quickly running out of funds.  I need to find work, and am hoping that the extra thirteen weeks of extended benefits that is being looked at comes through.  At least it would be something to carry me through the holidays, and into the Spring semester, when I should be starting classes.

To keep my mind occupied, though, I am easger awaiting the beginning of November.  I amgoing to do National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, for short), again!  My story has already formed itself in my mind, so I cannot wait to start writing.  I might even do a daily/weekly blog about my experience.

All-in-all, that has been my life for the past couple months.  Mostly full of downs, but, there are some good things to hope for, in the near future.  I guess I’ll just have to play the waiting game.  To quote Homer Simpson, “The waiting game sucks.  Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

For the sake of it…

Tuesday, 23 June, 2009

It has been some times since I just sat down to write.  That was made painfully obvious as I wrote to an old friend who I hadn’t seen since middle school.  She informed me that that was 17 years ago!  SEVENTEEN?!  That is enough to make someone feel pretty old, and I do right now.

I managed to encapsulate seventeen long years of my life into one or two paragraphs.  I suppose that’s easy enough to do when the person doesn’t really know all that much about your extended family.  And it doesn’t hurt if you really haven’t done all that much with you life, either.

I know that I haven’t done a lot with myself, and it really pains me to think about it.  There are many things I should have done.  I know I still have time to do them, but, I don’t know if it will be the same as it would have been when I was younger.

Like everyone I have aspiriations, but, I wonder if it will do any good to have them.  I try not to make them too lofty, but, that just happens when you hope, I guess.  Look at these few words I just typed, I realize that I do need to get out there.  Be more adventurous, or something.

I need to experience things, instead of just going on about not having experienced anything in my life.  Will I come back to this blog a new man, the next time I write.  It’s doubtful that it’s something that will change over the course of a couple days (shit, weeks…that seems to be how often I update).  We’ll all just have to wait and see.

Man, this was some good, cathartic writing!  Thanks for being there, WordPress!

Back in business–more or less

Wednesday, 3 June, 2009

I finally got my new monitor, yesterday. All is, sort of, well in my world now. I say "sort of", because of some foolishness on my own part.

When I ordered my new monitor, I neglected to notice/remember one thing about the old one. I had built-in speakers! This one has no speakers, whatsoever.

I guess I just took the sound for granted. Meanwhile, though, I have an interim solution involving my speakers that go to my mp3 player. My sister’s friend is going to give me her old set, when she finds them.

It’s good to be using my own computer again, though. Being on the downstairs PC, I felt like everyone was reading over my shoulder. Now, I can do all my typing in the privacy of my own room!

Now, I have tried to post this a number of different times to no avail. I don’t know if it’s just a problem WordPress is having, right now, or not. So I am trying it this last time, using the post from e-mail feature through the My Blogs menu. *crosses fingers*

Dreams…(Part IV)

Monday, 25 May, 2009

I meant to write this one a bit sooner. It’s a rare occurrence for me, but, sometimes I have semi-prophetic dreams. I am not saying that I can predict lottery numbers, or have foreseen the death of someone famous, but I have had dreams that have…well, sort of, come true. I’ll explain.

Usually the following day, the context of the dream will make some sense. My most recent involved my father and his crazy ex-girlfriend. No, I haven’t mentioned her on the blog before, because she is a whole lot of drama in a small package. I don’t like to burden people with any of that.

I dreamt, a couple weeks ago, that my father had come back to town. Not an odd thing, but he was planning to do so–which I had found within a few days after. Well, in my dream, when he came back into town, he came to meet up with his ex.

While it’s true that they are very on-again/off-again, Dad lives in Florida now so it’s more along the lines of off-again. When I woke up the following morning, there was an e-mail in my in box from Dad. He said that he was in contact with his ex (he called her…nightmare come true!!), and her brother wanted to buy his boat (which my sister and I have, currently).

That kind of seemed prophetic to me. It’s happened, too, with friends of mine. A while back, my friend Jordan moved to Connecticut. One day, I dreamt that he came back to Plattsburgh, and we were hanging out. The following day, I was in the store where we both worked, and a friend of ours said he was in town for a couple days.

I don’t want to go around saying that I am psychic, but, these couple instances do tell of something. I am not saying it’s just me, but, I think the human brain is capable of picking up on…something…from others. And that might manifest as an ability in some. For me, it seems to be in my dreams