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Saturday, 7 February, 2009
The crest of Clan Douglas

The crest of Clan Douglas

When I was eight-years old, my mother’s father died.  I never got the chance to ask my grandfather (we called him Pépé) about the Douglas family.  I don’t know if it was that, at that point in my young life, I was uninterested in familial backgrounds.  I like to think that was it.  I mean I don’t know how many eight-year olds can tell you about their family’s past.

I say past, but, mean to reach farther than that.  Ancestry.  I know that Douglas is a Scottish name, and an important one at that.  Clan Douglas (if we are indeed a part of said clan) has a rich history that is intertwined with that of Scotland itself.  For it is said :

The history of Clan Douglas cannot be separated from the history of Scotland and the history of Scotland cannot be separated from Clan Douglas. They are one in the same!”*

Unable to find any real information, myself, I sought help from the website linked above.  I contacted their Genealogist, Melvyn Douglass, and gave him the information that I knew: my grandfather’s information, and that on his parents and grandparents–all taken from their grave stones.  Melvyn was quick to respond and is endeavoring to find out any information he can from his database.

You are probably wondering why I am showing preference to my mother’s family.  I’m not.  I am sure the Ashline Family (derived from a French family–Asselin) I’m sure has a rich past as well.  But, the Douglas side of me wins out.  I take after them more than my father’s side.  That, and my aunt (Dad’s sister) has done some work to study that side of the family.

So here’s to Melvyn Douglass, who is researching my family for me.  If not for you, I would always be wondering who I was.  More so who my ancestors were.  Thank you, Mr. Douglass!

*thanks to The Clan Douglas Society for the inspiring quote, and having Melvyn’s e-mail address!