Some new, cool stuff!

Sunday, 10 May, 2009

I am all about sharing things I find on the web that speak to me in a special way. Usually it’s a cool video that I share from YouTube. In this case, though, there are three pretty awesome sites that I have stumbled across. Well, one I actually knew about, but, I have gotten very into–including joining the forums that the site has for it’s community.

I suppose that’s the one I will talk about first. This site–which now appears in my links (though they all do)–is There Will Be Brawl. This is the site of a live action web series that is based on a favorite video game of mine: Super Smash Bros.Brawl, for the Wii. This is a very interesting, and dark take on this Nintendo fighting series.

The costumes and acting really are top-notch. Seeing such beloved Nintendo characters in such gritty situations is very awesome. All the little nods to other Nintendo series, which might not make grand appearances in the series itself, is enough to give any die-hard Nintendo fanboys a nerdgasm. Yes, I typed nerdgasm. I believe you are allowed to talk about nerdgasms only after you have experienced one. And boy did I!!

The second site, which is one I stumbled across just the other day (it was linked in one of the sites I frequent), is Daisy Owl. Daisy Owl is a really well done, web comic. It is about an Owl who is raising two human children–one being the titular Daisy–as his own. The writing is very funny, and the artwork is great.

The characters are also very easy to get to know and like. Especially Mr.Owl’s friend, Steve the Bear. Steve was raised by humans, and has incessant nightmares about having a failing stand-up comedy career. It really is very good stuff. I actually sat and read everything they had on the site yesterday afternoon. It only keeps me wanting more!

The last one is another web comic. I really enjoy this one, because it’s autobiographical. That’s not to say that it isn’t entertaining. It really is! It’s called As Seen In Vermont. The title, alone, really was a draw. I am from Plattsburgh, New York, and the artist lives in a favorite place to visit of mine, Burlington Vermont.

Her writing is realistic, because it is word-for-word from her daily life. It’s also very touching, as she often remembers a friend she lost when she was younger. The first of these remembrance panels literally brought me to tears. This is another well done comic that had me hooked, and made me spend a whole afternoon glued to my screen. I read everything she has–and since it’s a LiveJournal site, there are some wuick writings in there–and I really want more. I am interested to see her life unfold!!