Web Comics!!

I mention it, again and again, how much I enjoy web comics as an entertainment media. I try to update my links with comics that have piqued my interest. This post, though it might end up being short, is for that reason.

I have recently become completely obsessed with another web comic. And by obsessed, I mean obsessed. This comic has been running since 2003, and I read 600 pages of it the first day I started reading. 600 in one day! That’s quite a lot of sitting–and sleeping arse time, too!

This comic is called Questionable Content. It is basically the life of this indie rock loving guy and his friends as they cope with many things that life throws their way. It was great to read through (the current panel count is 1410!!), and get to see how these character–and their artistic representations–evolve. The artist, Jeph Jacques, really has gotten so much better!

I was sad when I got to the last page, and am currently eager to see what’s next in the comic itself. I always seem to do this… I get obsessed with a comic, and read it until I am caught up. I should learn to pace myself.

While I wait for Questionable Content‘s new comics (it does update 5 days a week!), I am reading another comic called Octopus Pie. This is the about a Chinese-American girl who lives in the Brooklyn. It was recommended by Jeph in one of the QC comics, and it is quite good, as well.

I am trying to pace myself here. I have only read 100 pages worth. I guess that’s not really pacing. Whoops…

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