Thursday, 26 March, 2009

I haven’t meant to neglect the blog as long as I have. I did write one from Florida, but, that’s as much as I have done. I do hope to post some pictures in a blog, at some point.

Yes, that means I am home. I have been back in Plattsburgh for over a week now. The flights were great and comfortable–not to mention cheap! I would like to go back as soon as soon as I can.

Maybe for good? I am not sure…

Florida–a northerner’s view

Tuesday, 10 March, 2009
A little blue heron

A little blue heron

I have been here in Port Richey, Florida for about four days now.  Yes, I know I left on the fifth, but, I never actually arrived in Port Richey until after 2 AM.  Let me say that the differences are…amazing.

Right now, in Plattsburgh, it’s still Winter.  It snowed yesterday, and I am sure it was cold.  Sure, it’s Winter here in Florida, too.  That word doesn’t have the same meaning, though.

Each day has been absolutely beautiful, weather-wise.  Even now it’s sunny outdoors and 73 degrees.  I have been told that they experienced a pretty cold number of days–somewhere in the high 30s–before I came.

It’s a bit of a shock.  When I left Plattsburgh it was 27 out, and cloudy.  When I landed, it was near 60 here, and–though it was nighttime–there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

The weather isn’t only the big change.  I mean, obviously the weather is bound to be different, being in the souther US.  The wildlife, though, is a change I have happily accepted.

I love birds, and may have mentioned so.  The wild birds here are quite the difference from the chickadees, and cardinals that I am used to seeing.  Yes, I have seen a couple cardinals, but the local birds are…well…bigger.

Just outside my Dad’s apartment is a sizable pond.  It attracts some of the most beautiful–and a couple of the most ugly–birds I have ever seen.  Since I have been here I have seen the following, and this is just in the pond.

This is very unlike anything I have seen at home, and with the local flora, has made this visit particularly rich.  It’s amazing to see animals like those, basically in one’s back yard!

T-minus seven days

Thursday, 26 February, 2009

Seven days from now–that’s March 5th– I will be leaving Plattsburgh for a couple weeks. I am going to visit my father in Port Richey, Florida. It’ll be two weeks of nice weather (hopefully), and good times (again, hopefully).

Dad moved down to Port Richey in September of last year, and he has been after someone–either my sister, or myself–to visit. I knew I would have to wait until tax return time to afford it. I bought my ticket to fly out a couple weeks back.

I just bought the return ticket the day before yesterday. That was because I was watching the fairs. To fly out (before taxes/fees, mind you) the ticket was only $29 through Allegiant Air. Plus I get to depart, and fly back into, Plattsburgh. The airport is really only two minutes from my apartment!

I will be sure to post many pictures while I am there, and maybe I will even write about the flight. It’s my first ever, and I am kind of nervous. This trip, to me, is kind of a scouting trip. If I enjoy myself, I will probably pack up and move down! There’s no telling!