Dreams…(part I)

Friday, 3 April, 2009

I am someone who has a fairly active imagination.  I mean, what creative person doesn’t?  To be able to see things about something that someone else doesn’t see, or to concoct a story about people who don’t exist–at least physically–is something that is second nature to me.  And I like it.

I should followed that up with “to a point”.  It bothers me when that imagination spills over into dreams and nightmares.  My imagination always seems much more vivid when I am in the dream state.  And when I say vivid, I mean the most realistic thing you have ever dreamt.  Even if the subject matter is…say…not at all realistic.

An example of this realism is quite easy to bring to mind.  Though I haven’t had this dream again, it’s very easy for me to recall it.  I will preface it with this: as an animé fan, I loved Dragon Ball Z.  Yes, it was a bit much, but the characters were easy to know and love.

I have always enjoyed the villains that dogged the cast of Z Fighters.  With one exception: Cell.  He seemed like the most dangerous foe–though all the villains that head the different story arcs seem like that.  Well, Cell’s villainy planted it’s seed in my imagination.

My brain, as crazy as it is, regurgitated these images of the unstoppable Cell into a pretty terrible dream.  I was on campus walking by the dining area when I looked up out of a higher window.  I saw a HUGE blue ki blast making it’s way toward the building I was in.

People around me ran and screamed, terrified of the terrible things that were about to befall them.  The blast struck, and shattered the wall leaving it open to the outside world.  Debris fell all around, gouging holes in the floors, and the air was thick with the chalky dust of destroyed stonework.

I ducked behind a staircase, afraid of what was happening.  When I looked out the gaping hole, there was Cell–in his perfect form, no less!  He was hovering there with his arms crossed.   Leering into the building with a smirk, watching everyone scramble.

Now, the character of Cell was not physical like everything else in my dream.  He was still his…well…celluoid self.  Just as if I was looking at him on the television screen.  Albeit the danger he embodied was no less real.  Not long after that, though, I woke up.  I don’t know if I startled myself awake, or what.

Maybe, if I had slept just a bit longer, I would have sprung into action and battled him on the spot.  I’d like to think that my imagination would give me the abilities to beat the android terror but, somehow, I don’t think it would.   I’d probably just fail and be blasted into a million pieces.

This is not that first time that an animated danger had shown itself in my dreams.  That’s why this blog is…TO BE CONTINUED!

Something of interest–Cat Shit One Animated Series Trailer

Saturday, 28 March, 2009

I am not up on manga.  It pains me to say that, as I enjoy the media form immensely.  Apparently there was a manga released in the US entitled Apocalypse Meow.  It’s a story based during the Vietnam war, but, the human characters are replaced with cute, fluffy animals.

The manga started it’s life in Japan with the title Cat Shit One–which I think is an infinitely better title.  Better, say, than the bad movie-title knockoff it received when translated.  Anyway, it appears that Cat Shit One is going to be made into a computer generated animated series.

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?  Well, the trailer is up on YouTube and I just have to share it.  It is that crazy and amazing (cramazing?) at the same time.  I sat with my jaw well below where it should be, when I gave this the first watch.  Have a look: